Retractable Pressure Washer Hose Reel Types


There are various types of pressure washer hose reels. Despite the many different types, they all have the same advantages: deep cleansing, energy-saving, water-saving, time-saving, and protection to the hose. The best pressure washer hose reel suitable for your home or workplace is one with an automatic retractable system. The automatic retractable system helps you save time meant for arranging the hose. The primary goal of this post is to look at the various retractable pressure washer hose reel types.

Various retractable hose reel types

1. Spring-operated hose reels

The first type of retractable high-pressure washer hose reel is the spring-operated hose reel. The spring drives the hose to retract back into its housing automatically. The mechanism in a spring-operated hose reel makes it easy to use and saves time.

2. Battery-run hose reel

Another type of retractable pressure washer hose reel uses a battery as the source of power. The battery has to be charged before using it. The number of times you opt to charge depending on how often you are going to use it.

3. Water-driven hose reel

The water-driven hose’s real mechanism for retraction does not need any electricity or battery to operate. Instead, it uses hydro pressure to retract back to its housing after use. The only limitation of a water-driven hose reel is that it requires a lot of water for the retraction process. Therefore waste a lot of water.

4. Electrical-powered hose reel

An electric powered pressure washer hose reel uses electricity as its source of power. While using an electric-powered pressure washer hose reel, you need to consider the connected electric system. For home purposes, you can opt to use a single-phase system (230v). While for the workplace, you can opt to go for a three-phase system (400v) which needs high pressure.

5. Brush motor electric driven hose reel

The brush motor electric-driven retractable hose reel is very favorable in terms of cost. However, it has two primary disadvantages: it is for only frequent or occasional use. As a result, the brush motor cannot be used to conduct long cleaning or watering sessions. The second disadvantage is that overusing it will reduce its life cycle.

6. Hand-crank pressure washer hose reel

The hand-crank pressure washer hose reel is manual. You must manually hand-crank the hose back to the reel for the hand-crank pressure washer hose reel.

Automatic retractable hose reel compared to manual pressure washer hose reel

The most popular pressure washer hose reel in the market is the one with an automatic retractable system. It is trendy for both home and industrial chores. The automatic retractable hose reel is very durable, affordable, and can perform several tasks. In addition, the automatic retractable system makes it easy to extend and rewind. For tasks requiring a small length hose, the best is the manual pressure hose reel because of the small length; rolling it up is very easy. You can use the automatic retractable pressure hose reel for both small and big length hose.


There are several types of retractable pressure washer hose reels. While shopping for one, consider that which is very convenient and works perfectly for the purpose you intend it for, such as the electric-driven retractable hose reel run.

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