Common Types of Garden Hoses and Their Uses


If you are looking to purchase a garden hose, you might be intimidated by the different types available. You should not be tempted to purchase cheap garden hoses. That is because cheap hoses do not last long. Moreover, you are likely to deal with kinking and tangling issues. Therefore, there is a need to consider different factors when choosing a garden hose. You should consider factors such as garden size, available storage space, and how frequently you use it. Know more about garden hoses before choosing one. These are the common types of garden hoses.

Standard Garden Hoses

These types of hoses can be used for many purposes. For instance, you can use them to water your lawn, washing your car and the patio. You should note that standard garden hoses are available in different lengths and prices. Also, the cost of these hoses depends on the material. For instance, vinyl hoses are cheaper than rubber but wear out quickly. It is advisable to get rubber hoses as they last longer and hold up easily. However, you will find them to be heavier and difficult to store.

Flat Hoses

These hoses look like fireman’s hoses but are smaller in size. Ideally, this hose is designed to remain flat until it is filled with water. You will find these flat hoses easy to store, lightweight, and drain well. Since they are made of cheaper materials, they easily kink. Moreover, they have a shorter lifespan. These garden hoses are suitable for watering plants in a straight line.

Sprinkler Garden Hoses

These garden hoses are designed to produce a misty display. The hose has tiny holes that can be arranged to face down and use like the soaker hose. You should note that you cannot keep this hose flat. Also, it does not work well in a garden with taller plants and shrubs.

Soaker Garden Hoses

These hoses are made of rubber or plastic. They have porous holes to allow water to seep into the soil. You can arrange these hoses camouflaged with mulch. However, if your water pressure is not regular, you might end up having issues with these hoses. If not well-protected, they can be damaged by sunlight. These hoses are ideal for a flat garden.

Pocket Hoses

The pocket hoses or expandable hoses do not need a lot of space. They can easily expand up to four times their initial length when they contain water. You can use this type of garden hose for small jobs. However, it can easily get damaged if the water pressure is high. You should note expect an expandable garden hose to have an extended lifespan.

Coiled Hoses

If you have a small garden, you should consider getting coiled hoses. These types of hoses shrink back to create a tight spiral whenever they are not in use. Thus, you can tuck them away on a balcony or patio. These hoses are also difficult to keep. Make sure you pay attention to the length of the hose.

The truth is that garden hoses are beneficial in maintaining the water flow rate during the watering process. However, your success depends on using the right garden hose for the job.

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