Applications Of Hose Reels In Car Washes


Giraffe Tools, one of the leading hose and hose reel brands, boasts of its award-winning products. One of the reasons why the company has acquired an incredible reputation is the innovation applied in the production of its products. Therefore, most hose reels by Giraffe Tools feature elements like stable retractable systems, 9-nozzle modes, and the application of high-quality materials. Giraffe Tools hose reels are applied in a wide range of areas, including car washes. This post focuses on hose reel applications in car washing.

Reasons why hoses are applied in car washes

One of the main areas where hose reels are used is in car wash facilities or businesses. The following are some reasons why hose reels are applied in car washing;

1. Hose protection

Most car washes invest in good-quality hoses. This is because the hoses are a significant part of the business. The hoses are also one of the most used products in the car wash. Therefore, investing in a good-quality hose will ensure that it can withstand constant use. While the hose quality is paramount, the way you maintain and use it also counts a lot.

For this reason, car washes use hose reels. Car wash hose reels offer protection to the hoses. They are designed with heavy-duty cases that offer superior protection against external or environmental hoses. They are also designed for easy installation and application.

2. Easy car washing

Another reason why hose reels are used in the car wash is to enable easy car washing. Traditionally, car washes would have to connect the hoses directly from the faucet to the application area. However, doing this was very challenging as the hose would get stretched due to pulling and tagging. A host of other issues like straightening the hose before applications also work hard in the car wash. For this reason, hose reels are used. With a hose reel, car wash employees do not have to worry about the issues named above.

3. Improving productivity

Like any other business, productivity plays a significant role in the amount of money made in a car wash. It also influences the business’ reputation. Car owners do not like spending hours waiting for their turn. Hose reels help increase productivity significantly. For instance, with a hose reel, workers do not need to spend a lot of time unkinking or untwisting their hoses. They simply have to get the hose from the reel and start working.

Additionally, they do not have to worry about putting the hose back on the reel after application. By improving productivity, car washes can also increase their profits and attract more clients.


Note that you can also use hose reels at your home car wash. Even then, you can still enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. In addition to washing vehicles, hose reels also help clean the curb and car wash facility. It is also worth noting that car wash hose reels can also be applied at home for gardening, cleaning, and a host of applications.

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