Moms Weekend Away in Franschhoek

What do you get when you combine moms, Franschhoek and wine tasting? The best moms-weekend off, ever! 

You could tell we were ready when these pics started coming through on the WhatsApp group 

You could tell we were ready when these pics started coming through on the WhatsApp group 

The planning had begun months before. The dads and grandparents were prepped and ready. Mom was going away for two nights. Basically, do not call unless its an emergency....and by that I mean, oh who am I kidding, I would rush back in heartbeat for anything! 

So, the bags were packed and we were ready to roll! Right to our first stop, Lanzerac Wine Estate for some serious relaxation at the new and might I add, improved spa. I could've easily spent the entire day out on the deck, sipping on G&T's and just living my best life. 


The experience at the spa was calming and serene. Exactly what you need and why you come to this place. Their indoor pool was just the right temperature, and a jacuzzi right next to it. A bartender saw to our thirst needs and the therapists were understanding of a mamma's stress levels (can I please come back for another foot massage!?). 

But while the spa was amazing, we had Franschhoek waiting, and dinner (with no kids!) at Monneaux Restaurant. Ranked as one of the top restaurants in Franschhoek, there was no way we could pass the opportunity to enjoy a quiet dinner here. 

I thought about boring you with what we ate, but I think you should just go and experience Monneaux for yourself

I thought about boring you with what we ate, but I think you should just go and experience Monneaux for yourself

By the time dinner was over though, we had been laughing so much, all of us had 6-packs to rival even the toughest body builders. (I am smiling to myself as I think about the UBER driver picking us up halfway down the road...I'm sure he thought we were absolutely nuts). But as much we tried, bedtime came quickly for these exhausted mammas and our beds were waiting at the cutest self-catering guesthouse ( and no alarm clocks <<read, no little people>> 

Murphy's law though and 7am came bright and early, and we started to plan our day. When in Franschhoek, The Tram is a must-do. Unfortunately, we were far too lazy (and enjoying our breakfast and mimosas) and missed the route we actually wanted to do, so my suggestion is, don't be like us and get your timing right :D


We did the Red Line, which includes following wine estates: MaisonEikehof, Leopard’s Leap, Chamonix, Dieu DonneFranschhoek Cellar, Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence. We did mix it up a bit by skipping some of them and doing La Motte for lunch (which is not included on any of the routes). 

First stop was Maison. On arrival, you are immediately drawn to its quaintness. But once you've settled down on their lawn chairs and tasted the first of their wines, it's like a little bit of heaven. I fell in love with their Chenin Blanc; so fresh and light and the perfect Summers day wine. 

This right here, is Summer in a bottle&nbsp;

This right here, is Summer in a bottle 

Eikehof was next on our list and I am so glad it was! This boutique wine estate is nestled snugly underneath beautiful trees. I can imagine Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house having a similar look and feel. Only I don't think they would've had the beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Also, I don't think they would've had the table us moms gathered around to continue our stories of our kids (isn't that so ironic, if they're not with us, they're all we talk about?) 


By now, we were way past lunch, but we had our own lunch plans at La Motte, because we simply could not miss out on the yumminess we knew would be waiting for us. So, we hopped on a tuk tuk from Leopard's Leap and off we went! (This was probably the highlight of the entire weekend...we had the best 5minute journey). 


Lunch was spent drooling over our food at La Motte and basking in the gorgeous summer afternoon sun. It was probably a good thing too because our next point we were headed too was, um, slightly further than we anticipated. 

Remember I said La Motte is not included on the Tram route? Well, this means that you have to find your own way back to the tram pick up point. The next one and closest to us was Rickety Bridge. We were assured it was a 15minute walk. So we figured, lets do it! Exercise is good, right? I now would not recommend walking but if you do decide on this specific mode of transport, do not wear your best designer sandals (I shall just leave this here). Looking back though, it was fun. It was spontaneous. It was also much longer than 15 minutes!

But thankfully, the rainbow at the end of the road was Rickety Bridge and although we missed the wine tasting, we did get a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc which went down a treat, let me assure you!  

The long walk to freedom?&nbsp;

The long walk to freedom? 


Sadly, Sunday morning arrived as it does, and so did the end of Moms Weekend Away. But I feel as though Mommy left with her cup full again and ready for #momlife. I know it is hard leaving the kids, but, as a mom you need a break. You owe it to yourself and to your family to be the best version of yourself. It may not necessarily need to be a weekend, but time off to find yourself again is important. 

Thank you Franschhoek, you were good to us!