What I never Travel without

I love to travel...it’s like it’s a part of my being. Who I am. I have not travelled nearly as much as perhaps you have who are reading this, but know that down to my innermost being, exploring is who I am. 

But now I have two pint size versions of myself tagging along behind me as we race through airports, climb into Uber’s and order fresh pretzels in Germany (ok, this last one, I cannot take credit for...I leave it up to my 8 year old nephew who is so fluent in German, it blows my mind!) 

That being said, traveling with kids is a whole other ball game...they have meltdowns in the middle of the airport. They need outfit changes 30 000 feet up in the air. They want to run down the aisle of a high speed train. But, they also add so much color to a journey, and let’s face it, a trip to remember. 

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

In an effort to make your next trip as pain free as possible, here are what I never go without when traveling with kids (and no, putting them into the suitcase isn’t one of them, although I can’t say I haven’t considered it) 

  • Bright colored clothing, think luminous (thanks to my sister in law for this one). Every parent knows that feeling when you lose sight of your toddler for just a split second. And while bright colored clothing won’t stop them from playing hide and seek with you in a crowded place, it will make it easier for you to spot them. 
  • Entertainment - good old fashioned kind. Stickers, coloring books or water fun books. If you can, get crayons that have a triangular shape (I found these at checkers). You don’t want to searching for those little critters under every seat on the plane. 
  • Comfort toy - In our house, Lily&Jack Bunny’s reign and we never leave home without them.    They help give your babies the reassurance of something familiar and comforting in a strange and new place
  • Snacks & Water / Juice!! The worst thing is to have a “hangry” toddler because you’re nowhere near a food stop or simple fussiness (which I know all too well). It seems obvious but I have them even when we fly; of course they’re acceptable flying snacks - no yoghurt or such 
  • Meds! And no, I’m not referring to the ‘knock out’ kind (although I’m not totally opposed)...I mean, have you ever gone away and your kid gets sick in the middle of the night and you’re scrambling because you don’t have the correct medicine (or any) for them? Be prepared for any eventuality - fevers, runny tummy’s, snotty noses, or even a scratch. Trying to get proper medicine in a foreign country, never mind in the middle of the night can be tricky so don’t be caught with your pants down 

**I have a toddler and a baby so obviously this will apply to you if your offspring falls in this age group 😉