Moms Travel Bag

So much about traveling with kids is about, well, traveling with kids. But as a mom, I’m there too. Well at least I’d like to think I am. Especially on the airplane. This is the one place most moms, and those who travel solo with kids will understand, that you wish that every thing goes smoothly. But that’s not always the case. So how do I ensure I make it out the other side relatively sane?

Moms Travel Bag. In this little bag, I have a stash of 10 things that make my travel a little bit easier, on myself. You probably already have these items, they’re so basic, but they do definitely help!


1) Hand Sanitizer / Sanitizing wipes - trust me, airplanes are not clean. You’re going to want to sanitize. Also, hand washing may not always be possible. Add to this hand cream. Sanitizing can often make your hands super dry.

2) Lip ice - dry lips, 30 000 feet up? Not my idea of fun.

3) Facial Wipes - I don’t wear makeup on long haul flights a) because I usually fly at night b) my kids don’t really care if mamma has her mascara on c) facial wipes help you at least look fresh even though you don’t feel it

4) Anti-perspirent - there is nothing worse that being stuck next to a person with a bade BO (body odor). So in order to save everyone’s nostrils, spray! But don’t overdo it. Worse than sweaty armpits, is too much Gucci by Gucci assaulting your nose.

5) Clean, fresh underwear, unmentionables, undergarments - whatever you call it, have a pair. If your bag gets lost, at least you have them

6) Gum; Toothbrush and toothpaste - Gum for when you can’t brush. Brush for when you can’t gum.

7) Scarf / Jersey or jacket - It can get cold way up there in the clouds. But you can also get hot, so a light jersey is usually sufficient.

8) Clean shirt - traveling with kids means that there will usually be some food of some sort on you, regurgitation in some form, or your red wine knocked over by your 3 year old getting excited by her movie.

9) Phone charger - flat phone battery on arrival in a foreign country? No! Most airplanes these days have ports for you to plug in your phone.

10) Sense of humor and adventure - pack lots of this. You made it onto the plane, holiday starts now!