Toddler Friendly vs Kid Friendly vs Mommy Friendly

Not all wine estates are created equal. And as a mom, I look for estates that will make me and my beans have the best day out...

  • Toddler friendly wine estates are those that have taken serious consideration for toddlers. Safety also falls under this category i.e. play area next to the road / parking area / out of sight of the main restaurant area

  • Kid friendly wine estates are those that make the little ones happy - Kids menu, play area or activities to keep them busy

  • Mommy friendly wine estates keep mommy happy - High Chairs, changing areas and stroller (pram access). Mommy Friendly could also be where you may not necessarily want the little ones.

I will make every effort to visit as many wine estates as I can so that when the urge strikes, you will know exactly where to go. If you have been to any that are not yet on my list, please drop me an email