Healey's Cheesery & Deli

It is 12:30 on a Thursday afternoon; we are headed to Healeys Cheesery and Deli in Somerset West. By 'we' I mean, myself, an almost 3 year old, and an almost 8 year old. (This may be a good time to say we almost turned around and came home). Also, we were joined my friend, with her almost 3 year old and her already 8 month old. Again, maybe we should've turned around? 

We forged on though; thinking surely when we get there life would be as every mother on earth imagines it to be. Kids playing blissfully together, babies napping in the prams and us moms, actually finishing a conversation over a cold glass of wine. 

Obviously that is exactly what (did not) happen! The wind was howling as it can only do in Cape Town. Both toddlers were, to be fair, 'hangry'. Babies, not having their naps. Yet, life was good - because, Healey's...


They made our chaotic afternoon, a little more manageable. So accommodating; friendly; with great platters, wine and the most gorgeous view over False Bay! 

But who is Healey's? 

"Healey’s Farmhouse Cheddar has evolved to become one of the world’s top four cheeses, winning accolades since 2005.The vision for Healey’s Deli was to create a natural and flowing space for people to taste the best cheese as well as the opportunity to watch the intricate process of making cheese. The gorgeous wooden deck has unobstructed views of the natural landscape and the crisp blue oceans of False Bay." 

I would highly recommend spending a morning or an afternoon here. The kids can run on the lawn or play on the jungle gym to their hearts content. (I hope they do!) While you, mamma, relax, take in the views and enjoy the fine cheeses of Healey's and Waterkloof wines. 


I am a massive fan of places that ensure a good time out, especially for moms. Healey's, although maybe slightly further out of town than some would like, is a place I would say yes to. 

For more information on Healey's, see their Facebook page, Instagram or

PS If you are really in the need for a 'non-kid friendly' spot, book at Waterkloof Wine Estate for an evening of fine dining and lots of pizzaz 

Mom's Checklist 

Location - Healey's Cheesery and Deli
@ Waterkloof Wine Estate
Sir Lowry's Pass Road
Somerset West

Restaurant - yes 

Contact: 021 200 2661 / info@healeys.co.za

Wine - yes

- Tasting - no

- Pairing - no

- Wine Prices - The wines do vary in price 

Fireplace - no

Times -  Restaurant Hours
Monday – Thursday: 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 04:00 pm

Kid friendly - . yes

Parents friendly - yes

Play area - yes

Accessibility - directly off Sir Lowry's pass road. Tarred 

Accommodation - no

Spa - no

Picnics - no

Birthday Parties - yes