Eikendal Wine Estate

Some places really just do amaze you...in every way. 

I remember the first time I visited Eikendal - a picnic on the grass next to the dam on a gorgeous sunshine day. And I remember thinking, this is a stunning spot! Fast forward 2 years and I returned to a revamped Eikendal and oh wow was I impressed! 


Eikendal Wine Estate is a super-nova when it comes to kiddy friendly spots! They have a great play area, really good food, a beautiful view, fly fishing, even cookie decorating to keep the little ones busy while mommy enjoys their amazing wine! It really does tick all the boxes for me...which makes it easy to see why they call it the "Eikendal Experience". 


But food and wine is not all that is part of the experience. Why not go on a cellar tour where you can see first hand how the wine is made. Or, Eikendal has made land available to a group of hand-raised cheetahs in the care of the Cheetah Outreach Programme. Learn more about these incredible cats and Anatolian Shepherd Guarding Dog Project from a distance, or get up close and personal and even step inside an enclosure. Or take a walk through the vineyards...I think yes! 

I love wine estates that have something for the whole family! And Eikendal most definitely ticks all those boxes....but, mainly the mom box. 

To see exactly what Eikendal is all about, visit their website www.eikendal.com



Mom's Checklist 

Location http://www.eikendal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Eikendal-Map.pdf

Restaurant - yes (Booking is essential)

Open from:

  • Tuesdays – Saturdays for lunch and dinner
  • Sundays for lunch only


Tel: 021 855 5033
Email: info@giovannicapetown.co.za
Website: www.giovannicapetown.co.za 
Facebook: Cucina di Giovanni

Wine - Yes

- Tasting - Yes 

PIZZA AND WINE PAIRING – Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-16:00
KIDDIES TASTING – 10:00 – 16:00
VINEYARD WALKS 10:00 – 16:00
TRACTOR RIDES (Weekends: Sep – April) 11:00-15:00

- Pairing - Yes, Try their pizza and wine pairing http://www.eikendal.com

- Wine Prices - The wines do vary in price and can be ordered online or directly from the farm

Fireplace - no

Times -  Times vary whether you are visiting the tasting room or Giovanni's

Kiddy friendly - . yes! 

Parents friendly - There isn't a changing area, but they do have high chairs & kiddies menu

Play area - Great outdoor junglegym  

Accessibility - Directly off the R44

Accommodation - yes http://www.eikendal.com/#contact

Spa - no

Picnics - no