Marianne Wine Estate

I was really surprised when we arrived at Marianne Wine Estate and Floréal Brasserie - like "I will be back" surprised. Allow me to explain...

On our arrival at Floréal, we were shown to our table on their deck overlooking a gorgeous little dam. View - check. Then came the wine - check. And then the food - check. Oh, and they have a great play area for the kids (away from the water) so check yet again. 


Floréal Brasserie is focussed on food and wine, and it definitely shows. It offers a relaxed and comfortable dining experience, that is enjoyed by the whole family. Open for lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday and until 5 on Sundays, they are one of those places that allow you to sleep in late (with kids, yeah right!) and enjoy a delicious lunch before moving onto a great wine tasting experience. 

It's just a really great kid friendly spot that moms will want to chill at with a gorgeous glass of vino!


And speaking of wine, Marianne, a boutique wine estate, has a wide selection of wines and their tasting room has a spectacular view! Marianne Wine Estate presents rich, nuanced food wines with exemplary aging potential, making them suitable for wine collectors. The wines are also prepared to display full fruit and tightly integrated tannins upon a vintage's initial release. This careful balance ensures a fantastic drinking experience immediately, and a wine that will improve with age in the bottle for at least the next ten years. In other words, wines worth keeping!! 


For more info on this gorgeous little wine estate visit Floréal and Marianne Wine Estate

Mom's Checklist 


Restaurant - yes (Booking is essential)

Open from:

Monday - Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 12:00-21:00
Sunday: 12:00-17:00

Public holidays may vary

Bookings advisable to avoid disappointment
when private functions are taking place



Wine - Yes

- Tasting - Yes

- Pairing - Yes, Try their pizza and biltong 

- Wine Prices - The wines do vary in price and can be ordered online or directly from the farm

Fireplace - yes

Times -  Times vary whether you are visiting the tasting room or Floréal

Kiddy friendly - . yes

Parents friendly - There isn't a changing area, but they do have high chairs

Play area - Great outdoor junglegym  

Accessibility - Directly off the R44

Accommodation - yes

Spa - no

Picnics - no