Creation Wine Estate

Creation Wine Estate in the Hemel en Aarde Valley is like a little piece of Heaven; so it's not hard to see why they called it, Creation. But what is even more apparent in the name, are the "creations" of food that leave the kitchen...mouthwatering! And then, the wines that leave the barrels...there are not even adjectives.  

It's hard to imagine when presented with the food at Creation Wine Estate, that they could be kiddy friendly...and yet on a cold and rainy day, how does a wine estate cater to the needs of the little ones? Oh let me count the ways...

The food & juice pairing is something really special, and even if the kids don't totally get it, as a mom, let me tell you, I do, and I loved it!! 



And when they're done with satisfying their little tummy's, the indoor play room is the perfect way to get rid of some energy and maybe make some new friends. 

But mommy needs her food too and you will not be disappointed! The Story of Creation food & wine pairing is something sublime



...and if you're a mamma with a bun still in your oven, don't feel left out! Because amazing Creation has thought about you with their tea pairing. Same delicious food, only without the wine (which means you will just HAVE to come back). 

But there are other options too...

  • Wine & Chocolate pairing 
  • Wine Tasting 
  • Kiss & Tell Pairing 
  • 10am Brunch Pairing 
  • Three course pairing menu

It's not hard to see why Creation is my favorite place. The attention to detail, the passion that they staff have for the wine, and of course, the gorgeous view...

To see exactly what Creation offers, visit

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I loved it the first time, I loved it the fourth time...I will love it again

Mom's Checklist 

Location - GPS S34 19’54.40″, E19 19’54.92″

Restaurant - yes

Wine - Yes

- Tasting - Yes 

- Pairing - Yes 

  • Story of Creation: R335pp (7 course pairing menu)
  • Wine & Chocolate Pairing: R105pp
  • Wine Tasting: R50pp
  • 10am Brunch Pairing: R425pp (5 wines paired with 5 delicious dishes) 
  • Non-Alcoholic Pairing: R375pp (8 tea pairing menu)
  • Kiss & Tell Pairing: R495pp 
  • 3 course pairing menu: R370pp
  • Kids surprise pairing: R80pp

- Wine Prices - The wine varies in price. Buy online or direct from Creation

Fireplace - yes

Times -  10h00 - 17h00 (Call ahead to book to avoid disappointment +27 28 212 1107)

Kiddy friendly - Yes, great kiddies pairing option and an indoor play area. 

Parents friendly - There isn't a changing area, but little ones are welcomed and thats OK with me

Play area - Indoors 

Accessibility - Off the Hemel en Aarde Road. It is a gravel road to get to the tasting room

Accommodation - no

Spa - no

Picnics - no