Constantia Uitsig

When friends of mine said to me, let's go to Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate, I was like, "girl, you had me at wine!" 

On the Constantia Wine Route, it can almost be forgotten about, especially if you live in the winelands, or further out of town. But, let me tell you, when you do think about, your heart should leap with joy! 


It's the kind of place that could keep you happy for hours....why? Because I guarantee your sweet little humans (that never need entertaining, yeah right!), will be happy. Firstly, let them build up a massive appetite at the Bike Park. But not your normal bike track, oh no, this one requires some skill, and a helmet. Hills, bends, twists and turns, there will be no stopping your kids on their two wheels! There are a variety of pump tracks currently totaling 2.8 kms, from beginner jump lines all the way to expert drop-offs, rock gardens, a wooden berm, rollers and a suspension sky bridge (that tracks the canopy of the trees) ending in a corkscrew exit, which means no matter where you fit on a bike, there is something for everyone. 


Entry fee: R65 per day (no charge for spectators) or R750 per year. There is a special R40 off-peak charge between 8-9am daily. A card machine is on the premises.

But, by now, you are starving right? And parched...

IMG_9490 2.JPG

Well, why don't you Open (the) Door to the restaurant. Pun totes intended :) Open Door  is a vibey, yet family friendly spot that offers great food and a relaxed (but sophisticated) atmosphere. Offering breakfast from 9 - 11, lunch and dinner, Open Door will satisfy your cravings. Choose from the a la carte menu that is available from 12 - 3 and then again from 6 - 9; or the community hour menu which consists of any three post meridian plates for R180 including a glass of Constantia Utisig Natura Vista Wine, and is served between 3 and 6:30. 

Is she eating chips with tomato sauce or T.S with chips?? 

Is she eating chips with tomato sauce or T.S with chips?? 

By now the kids are ready to get rid of some energy again. With an amazing, enclosed, play area, you, mamma, can sit back and enjoy your wine while your kids entertain themselves. Sounds like the perfect day out...


Mom's Checklist 


Restaurant - yes 


Open Door

Call 021 794 3010 or email for more information. Alternatively, visit to make a reservation.

  Wine - Yes

- Tasting - Yes

- Pairing

- Wine Prices - The wines do vary in price 

Fireplace - yes

Times -  times vary; check times directly  

Kid friendly - . yes

Parents friendly - yes

Play area - yes

Accessibility - directly off Spaanschemat River Road

Accommodation - No

Spa - no

Picnics - no