I first traveled to America when I was 18; and it was then that Wanderlust truly set in. After completing my diploma in Public Relations, I started my career at a Travel & Tourism PR Agency; I loved it! Dubai and its glittering lights in the middle of the desert, the beautiful beaches of Mauritius to the silence of the rice paddies of Bali. I knew I would never have roots in one place but rather be a citizen of the world.

Once I had my children though, my world changed, but only slightly, as my traveling never ended, but rather continued with my two small human beings by my side.

When we are not jet setting, we are exploring the winelands of the Western Cape, because as much as I love travel, I also love wine.

With extensive experience in copywriting, capturing my experiences in words is where I am at my happiest, and thus, Mommy Explores.


If you have been following my journey, you know my love for wine leads to find wine estates that are usually kid friendly, and if not, I find ways to keep the kids happy so that I can still have the wine (or I explore them alone :D) and share my experiences with you.

While we spend the majority of our life in the beautiful Cape, we also spend extensive time in my second favorite city, Abu Dhabi. My husband, a helicopter pilot, works away from home and while this in itself has its challenges, we have embraced having two homes, in two great cities and have made it our mission to raise our children to seek stories just over the horizon, and to feel at ease in unfamiliar lands.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Jean x

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